Article about Lockwood and Co blathers about Aleister Crowley and then gets stupid

“[Jonathan] Stroud hasn’t confirmed whether he based the character on a real occultist, but it’s clear that he was inspired by the stories relating to the practitioners of occultism. He used that knowledge, exaggerated it a little bit, and created this character who was scary in life as well as in death. Speaking of occultists, the name that immediately comes to mind is Aleister Crowley. Arguably the most infamous occultist, Crowley was once called “the wickedest man in the world”. Born Edward Crowley, he came from a wealthy family and found himself taking a very different approach to the world in his early years. Reportedly, his thoughts and behavior led his mother to call him ‘the beast’.”—”Was Lockwood and Co’s Edmund Bickerstaff a Real Occultist?

Article about a character in the Netflix show Lockwood & Co., based on the book series by Jonathan Stroud, goes on a tangent about Aleister Crowley, and then get’s really stupid talking about some other unrelated moron’s wild brain-fever glossolalia about imagining Crowley somehow involved in the deaths surrounding the opening of Tutankhamun’s tomb?! WTAF. It just starts out as a lame article but then even got worse. But, there it is.

Weirdly, there appears to be a near duplicate of this article on another site with a different by-line. IDEK which is original, if any are, and who knows? Someone using AI to write these? Plagiarism? There’s an actual story in there, if one were looking for it; because these articles are not it. Except, that I got punked into reading them, I guess. And, now I’ve shared my pain with you. ::sad trombone::

Hermetic Library Omnium Article About Lockwood and Co Blathers About Aleister Crowley - still from the Netflix show based on the book series