Jack Parsons being awful to Frank Malina

“Even Malina’s old friend and rocketry partner Jack Parsons informed on him to the FBI, gave agents a list of Unit 122 members and told them that Malina was ‘associated with groups of ‘pinks’ at Caltech.’ He even said Malina’s loyalty ‘would be questionable if [Malina] had to decide between our form of government and that of Russia.’ Roger said Parsons did this because he was upset Malina got rich from the Aerojet stock and he didn’t.”—JPL Co-Founder and Rocketry Pioneer Frank Malina Finally Gets His Due (Part 2 of 2)

Oh, no! Here’s an article, part 2 of a series, mainly about Frank Malina with mention of fellow Suicide Squad and JPL member Figure Jack Parsons being awful.

Hermetic Library Omnium Jack Parsons Being Awful to Frank Malina - Crop of the Suicide Squad at a test, L-R: Jack Parsons, Ed Forman, Frank Malina