Sovereign Syndicate

Sovereign Syndicate by Crimson Herring Studios, coming soon.

“cRPG set in Victorian steampunk London. Explore an open world of back alleys, brothels, and opium dens as one of three characters. Sharpen your skills or let them stagnate, no random stat points here. Try your luck with our tarot card chance system; combat, persuasion, magic? The choice is yours.”

“Tarot Card Chance System – Leave your dice at home as you interact with a variety of characters. NPC’s react to your gender, race, appearance, and choice of dialogue, so you’d better look and act the part if you want the “right” results. But not everything is certain, luck plays a role and it’s all in the cards with our tarot card chance system.”

Hermetic Library Omnium Sovereign Syndicate