The Bacchae: A New Musical

Help fund recordings for THE BACCHAE: A New Musical. One of history’s revered, disturbing, exhilarating plays is coming to the stage as a new musical.”—”We’re planning a six-day workshop (March 17-22) in Des Moines, IA, wherein we rehearse and record some of the musical numbers (something less than half of them), concentrating on larger choral pieces and a couple of what we think will emerge as prominent duets among principals. We’re planning to end the workshop with a reading of the entire piece (wherein which we play some or all of the recordings) for a live audience. These recorded materials, a script (possibly rewritten based on audience feedback), and the image below will be used to market the show to theatres across the U.S. as we search for a world premiere.”

A crowdfunding effort with 38 days to go …

Hermetic Library Omnium the Bacchae a New Musical 4feb2023