“Old foolish man of drama … and yet you are not lacking a sense of humor.”

“Portuguese literary salons go aflutter any time news arises of previously unpublished papers related to the writer Fernando Pessoa and his life. This has been the case once again after a letter was published in the latest issue of Pessoa Plural, a magazine focusing on Pessoa Studies of Brown University. However, this letter – found by Professor José Barreto – was not written by the Portuguese author, who it was instead addressed to. The author was Margaret “Madge” Anderson, Scottish sister-in-law of Pessoa’s younger brother. She was a highly educated woman who during WWII had worked in the UK secret services, decoding German messages. Some of Pessoa’s biographers had long suspected a secret love and Barreto himself had in 2017 discovered three letters exchanged between the two in which the tone was not explicit but hinted at similar language used by Pessoa in love poems he wrote in the same period. … In the letter, Madge … reprimanded him … writing: ‘Old foolish man of drama…and yet you are not lacking a sense of humor.'”—”Unpublished letter found in Portuguese Pessoa’s archive. Written by Madge Anderson, possibly poet’s last ‘passion'”

See also Figure Fernando Pessoa at the library.

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