Are you Bungay for Satan?

“A sleepy town in the United Kingdom has been named the country’s capital for Satanists. Some 70 out of 8,500 people living in historic Bungay and nearby villages in Suffolk identify as devil-worshippers. The sinister statistic means nearly one in every 120 people in the area claimed to be a Satanist when asked in the 2021 census to state their religious beliefs – about 100 times the national average. Mayor Tony Dawes said: ‘I was very surprised to hear this. I have never come across a Satanist in the town to my knowledge. The churches in the town are very well supported. I am wondering if people with nothing better to do during lockdown decided to put down that they were Satanists.'” “Some suggest there may be a link to a local legend of the devil taking the form of a black dog, known as Black Shuck, which terrorised the congregation of St Mary’s Church in the town in 1577.” “The news comes just a few weeks after it was revealed that Britain’s young people are choosing Satanism over traditional religions.” “… it appears that young people are favouring it because traditional religions such as Christianity are now seen as ‘outdated, dogmatic and stuffy’.”—”Sleepy town named UK’s Satanist capital as residents identify as devil-worshippers. Bungay and nearby villages in Suffolk is now home to a huge increase in people who identify as devil-worshippers – and it comes just a few weeks after the UK saw a rise country-wide.”

See also site search for “Satan” at the library.

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