“For some people, the Satanic panic never ended.”

“In addition to books, the list of ‘demonic’ elements in American politics is long and growing.” “It’s not just Satan and demons that are a danger to Christian conservatives, but occult practices like gnosticism, as well.” “For some people, the Satanic panic never ended. It just isn’t mainstream. They literally believe that if they were not praying and they were not working as hard as they are working to turn the tide of secularism, they feel — literally — that demons are going to overrun the Earth.”—”The Devil Went Down to Denver: The Satanic Temple, Unbaptisms, and Christian Conservatism

Some people will do anything to avoid therapy.

“This is Part One of a multi-part series on The Satanic Temple.” See “The Devil in the Details: After School Satan Club and Public Education” and “Rosemary’s Baby: The Satanic Temple and Abortion“.

See also site search for “Satan” at the library.

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