A Mouse Thief!

Hermetic Library Anthology Artist T Thorn Coyle has posted part of Mouse’s Folly, The Mouse Thief Fantasy Capers, Book One, a new WIP novella at Introducing: A Mouse Thief! over on their Patreon page.

Hermetic Library Omnium a Mouse Thief 21feb2023

“It’s what is being called ‘cozy fantasy,’ meaning low-stakes, fun, comforting stories set in ‘classic’ secondary world type fantasy. Rather than going fake medieval European fantasy setting, I’m going fake 1600s European fantasy setting. What can I say? There’s hot chocolate there.

At any rate, that’s a long way of saying here’s Part One of the novella ‘Mouse’s Folly’ about a thief called Theodore and his gang of misfit mages, dragons, humans, and one fey spy. Part One is an introduction to the characters and the world.”