Death and Rebirth — March 10–12, 2023, Amsterdam, NL

Death and Rebirth [Also], Ritual Art Festival, March 10–12, 2023, at Treehouse NDSM, Amsterdam, NL; the event includes a performance and exhibit by Orryelle Defenestrate.

Hermetic Library Calendar Death and Rebirth 10mar2023 Schedule

Hermetic Library Calendar Death and Rebirth 10mar2023


MARCH 10-12, 2023

Ritual Art Festival

Death & Rebirth is a space to explore death, the unknown, and transformation.

Join us for a three-day Ritual Art Festival featuring a visual art exhibition, lectures, workshops, ritual performances, and live music at Treehouse NDSM in Amsterdam.


Marli Huijer. DJ Isis. Maya Fridman. Orryelle Defenestrate. Bert Barten. Noire Antidote. Peaki. Monomorte. Melissa Shemanna. Ayesha Adamo. Giek_1. Freek Wallagh. Esther Kin. Johan Dijk. Marius v Zandwijk. Anima Lab. Anca Arcana. Alejandra Nettel. In Kether.Daniel McKenzie. Rose Wildsmith. Joan de Neve. Juan Carlos Tajes. Sander Janzweert. Felix Goei.” [via]

“Embark on a journey of transcendence and self-discovery as we delve into the enigmatic themes of Death, the Unknown, and Rebirth at the Three-Day Festival. Immerse yourself in a mesmerizing array of visual art, including sculptures, paintings, installations, and photography, all on display in the post apocalyptic setting of TREEHOUSE NDSM.

Each day begins with a gentle initiation, as you learn about the secrets of death, the unknown, and rebirth through insightful lectures and workshops that encourage you to explore your own creative relationship to the themes. As the night draws near, be swept away by a captivating procession of ritualistic and ambient performances, featuring acts by renowned artists such as Orryelle Defenestrate, Noire Antidote, Giek_1, Monomorte, Maya Fridman, Talkin Trees, DJ Isis , and other enigmatic DJ sets.”

“Embrace the esoteric and delve into alternative spaces, such as the cantina, where tarot readings, craft markets and workshops are held, leaving ample time to wander through the mystical exhibition space and interact with the art on display. Come, immerse yourself in this world of death, the unknown, and rebirth, and unlock the secrets of the afterlife.” [via]