Sacred Seeds — March 16, 2023, online

Sacred Seeds: a group ritual for spring equinox with Pam Grossman & Janaka Stucky, on March 16, 2023, 8pm EDT, online.

Hermetic Library Calendar Sacred Seeds 16mar2023

“Sacred Seeds: a group ritual w/ Pam Grossman & Janaka Stucky
A group ritual and guided meditation to sow your energy for the spring equinox

Date and time
Thu, March 16, 2023, 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM EDT


This class will be conducted online via Zoom. A recording will be made available to attendees for 30 days after the class ends.

Seeds have been recognized for their magical significance across cultures throughout history, representing the potential for new growth and the power of transformation. In the context of rituals and spell work, seeds are often used to symbolize the intentions of the practitioner—or to manifest abundance, fertility, and prosperity. They are a reminder that small actions can lead to great outcomes, and that the energy we plant deep within ourselves can grow into something which provides a benefit to the world around us.

Through group ritual and guided meditation we will approach planting seeds as a sacred act—honoring the power of intention and the potential for growth and transformation that lies within us all. By aligning this work with the spring solstice, we operate in full harmony with the forces of the universe, cultivating immense power and potential for the coming season. Together we will generate energy to support each other in planting spiritual seeds for beginning new endeavors, new chapters, and a new season.”

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