Elusive mythical Mayan elflike aluxe makes another suspiciously identical appearance

“In Maya culture, an aluxe is believed to be a mischievous elflike being that lives in the woods, a creature of folklore similar to leprechauns, unicorns, mermaids and the Loch Ness Monster. So it was a surprise on Saturday when President Andrés Manuel López Obrador of Mexico shared a picture on Twitter of what he claimed was an aluxe.”—”An Elf? A Witch? Mexico’s President Says It’s the Mythical Aluxe. President Andrés Manuel López Obrador tweeted an image of what he said was an aluxe, a legendary elflike creature. News outlets said it looked like a 2021 photo of another questionable creature.”

Hermetic Library Omnium Elusive Mythical Mayan Elflike Aluxe Makes Another Suspiciously Identical Appearance 3mar2023

“Les comparto dos fotos de nuestra supervisión a las obras del Tren Maya: una, tomada por un ingeniero hace tres días, al parecer de un aluxe; otra, de Diego Prieto de una espléndida escultura prehispánica en Ek Balam. Todo es místico.”—Andrés Manuel (I share two photos of our supervision of the Mayan Train works: one, taken by an engineer three days ago, apparently from an aluxe; another, by Diego Prieto of a splendid pre-Hispanic sculpture in Ek Balam. Everything is mystical.)

From 2021: “Supuesta bruja es captada en General Terán, Nuevo León y causa revuelo en redes sociales. La estremecedora imagen de la supuesta bruja ha causado diferentes reacciones en las redes sociales, algunos usuarios aseguran que sí se trata de una extraña criatura.” (Alleged witch is captured in General Terán, Nuevo León and causes a stir on social networks. The shocking image of the supposed witch has caused different reactions on social networks, some users claim that it is indeed a strange creature.)