Hermetic Library Newsletter #110

it’s an important thing to actually implement some more of what I’ve been talking about doing for so long

Howdy everyone! Here’s a public summary of my activity this week ending March 3, 2023!

This week I did a ton of stuff with Hermeneuticon and Concordance, following along with what I was focused on last week. I also added some new material to The Winged Beetle, a ~1927 Crowley essay The Method of Thelema, and lots of other stuff, I’ll list below, as usual. [Edit: I completed forgot to mention that I’ve also gone back and added another 5 old newsletters to the blog!]

Plus the usual weekly stuff like almanac, propaganda, calendar, zine, updates, quotes, reviews, and more!

And, as always, I worked on various other things on website, blog, and more … Enjoy!

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Unicursal WHAT THOU WILT NOT AS YOU PLEASE Propaganda from Hermetic Library Office of the Ministry of Information

More thought about Hermeneuticon and Concordance

I mentioned last week that I was waffling about whether to put “Magick Power” in Hermeneuticon or Concordance, and I thought about it a bit more. I ended up keeping it in Hermeneuticon, adding a couple more, and doing some work on Concordance.

In fact, this week I’ve added four new entries in the same vein: Blood of the Saints (vein! blood! haha!), Bread and Salt, Satanic Panic, and Scarlet Woman. Plus, I’ve added a whole section for “Magick is …” to Magick.

There’s a bazillion more, but it’s a start. This is exactly the kind of thing that I can do at the library that physical books and PDFs cannot. So, it’s an important thing to actually implement some more of what I’ve been talking about doing for so long, innit?

As I was looking at Concordance last week, I decided to do a little sprucing up of the few existing pages, making a variety of updates, and then I’ve added another one in the same format, sort of a proof of concept for my current thinking. So to the existing words I’ve added a bit about what “lexeme” the word derives from, and I added the next word, Is, from Liber I. I also turned around and added an entry for B vel Magi in Hermeneuticon.

So, whilst I hadn’t in ages, now I’ve touched Concordance!


Here’s upcoming calendar and astronomical events, plus the daily Thelemic Tephilah practice, which is still in its interregnum period, for the coming week, March 3—10.


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Here’s recurring calendar events in Hermeneuticon for this coming week.

  • Greater Feast of Saladin, died March 5, 1193 at Damascus, Syria
    Feast of Lao Tsu, March 5

  • Greater Feast of Mary Frances Butts, died March 5, 1937 at Penzance, United Kingdom
  • Greater Feast of Lola Zaza Crowley, died March 9, 1990 at Reading, UK
  • Greater Feast of Israel Regardie, died March 10, 1985 at Sedona, Arizona

And check out these newly posted and still upcoming calendar events.


  • Full moon, March 7

Thelemic Tephilah

Here’s reminders for Thelemic Tephilah daily practice for this upcoming week, from the Hermeneuticon page for the month, although we’re still in the interregnum, and will be for a while (until the equinox).

  • Thelemic Tephilah, March 3, INTERREGNUM, Silence; or E of BE
  • Thelemic Tephilah, March 4, INTERREGNUM, Silence; or T of THE
  • Thelemic Tephilah, March 5, INTERREGNUM, Silence; or H of THE
  • Thelemic Tephilah, March 6, INTERREGNUM, Silence; or E of THE
  • Thelemic Tephilah, March 7, INTERREGNUM, Silence; or W of WHOLE
  • Thelemic Tephilah, March 8, INTERREGNUM, Silence; or H of WHOLE
  • Thelemic Tephilah, March 9, INTERREGNUM, Silence; or O of WHOLE
  • Thelemic Tephilah, March 10, INTERREGNUM, Silence; or L of WHOLE


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I’ve slowed down posting to one item a week because I’m low on things. I more than filled the previous issue, but now I need more submissions for this current one, if it is to happen, as planned, on Aphelion 2023.

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