The Secret Teachings of All Ages, the series

The Secret Teachings of All Ages, s01, created by Johnny Royal, who also did 33 & Beyond: The Royal Art of Freemasonry and Illuminated, is apparently due to premiere, with all 10 episodes, October, 2023 … although, it’s not entirely clear where it will premiere? There’s no trailer. It doesn’t even appear on the Praetorian Motion Pictures site. There’s a bunch of info about it on IMDb, but that’s about all so far.

“A psychological exploration into the most ancient and secretive occult rituals, explained and performed, by modern day practitioners.”

“S1, Ep1 Hermeticism — Based on the philosophical concepts of the Greek philosopher Hermes Trismegistos, Hermeticism explores modern day practitioners of the ancient tradition and their rituals whose psychological purpose is to bring them closer to the Divine.

S1, Ep2 Rosicrucianism — Established in the early 1600’s, Rosicrucianism is still practiced today. Their highly secretive rituals are revealed with their centuries old charge of healing the world.

S1, Ep3 Voodoo — Voodoo is often referred to as a Gumbo of magical practices consisting of healing, hexing, cursing, conjure, and root work. Within this rune soup is a myriad of traditions and rituals which are showcased.

S1, Ep4 Freemasonry — Freemasonry has long been considered the world’s oldest and largest fraternity. However, there is much more to this ancient system of mystery knowledge than conspiracy theories of world domination.

S1, Ep5 Golden Dawn — Founded during the Occult revival of the late 1800’s by three Freemasons, the Golden Dawn is explored through interviews and a never before seen ritual by the public consisting of invoking archangels and other celestial beings.

S1, Ep6 Spiritualism — Spiritualism takes a deep dive into the world of Mediumship or communicating with “Spirit,” and the dead, along with Spirit Healings, inside one of the oldest operating Spiritualist Churches in the United States.

S1, Ep7 Ceremonial Magick — Ceremonial Magick explores the rituals of the Ordo Templi Astarte, Thelema, Luciferianism, Discordian Chaos Magick, and the Ordre Martinistes Souverains. Aleister Crowley’s infamous ritual, “The Mark of the Beast,” is examined.

S1, Ep8 Witchcraft — Witchcraft and its various traditions is one of the most popular topics in modern American Occultism. Covens in New Orleans and Salem open their doors for the first time to give outsiders an inside look at their rituals and traditions.

S1, Ep9 Satanism — Satanism is by far the most controversial religious and philosophical subject matter practiced in America today. However, is it pure evil…or something else entirely? Witness the rituals of The Invisible King and Sowing the Whirlwind.

S1, Ep9 Luciferianism” (no description provided)—Episodes at IMDb

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