Hermetic Library Fellow T Polyphilus reviews Husk [Amazon, Abebooks, Local Library] by Frederic L’Homme and Arnaud Boudoiron.

lhomme boudoiron husk

This somewhat phildickian graphic novel is full of violence, drugs, and (mostly sublimated) sex. The central matter is the development of a “biomecha” technology consisting of humanoid “husks” piloted by nanotechnologically-enhanced operators: a convergence of mechanical and biological engineering. Most of the pilots seem to be women, while men serve as “co-pilots” telemetrically monitoring the pilot/husk metabolism, and providing them with backup direction.

There is a thick atmosphere of commercial and political conspiracy, while the husk operators develop an understandable paranoia attached to their status as guinea pigs, and the powerful sensory and emotional effects of their technological symbiosis. 

This Marvel/Soleil volume reprints the first two numbers of the translated French graphic narrative Husk. Each tells a fairly complete story while opening itself to continuation. As with other Marvel/Soleil titles, there is a sense of loss with the reduction of larger-format European BD art to the smaller American comics-style page, but the production values are high with full-process color on substantial, glossy paper.