Fire Rites Lunar Calendar

“Each year I create a full moon calendar to keep track of the lunar phases. I use it to perform a simple fire rite that helps me bring closure to the past month and set intentions for the weeks ahead.” “One of the most exciting features of the new calendar is a rotating lunar sphere that reveals each month’s totem animal” “The fire rite is simple! 1) Tear off the current month’s strip from the bottom of your Full Moon Calendar. Each month is perforated for easy tearing. 2) Flip the torn paper over and write down thoughts, ideas, or words about what you’d like to release. 3) Roll up that month’s strip and set it alight in a receptacle (preferably a fireproof bowl or container). 4) Watch as your fears and anxiety are purged with fire. 🔥 You now have a clean slate for the month ahead!”—”Fire Rites Lunar Calendar. Harness the power of the full moon with monthly burning ceremonies.”

Crowdfunding effort with 20 days to go …

Hermetic Library Omnium Fire Rites Lunar Calendar 8mar2023