Horror shows hire occult consultants for proper representation

“Based on Anne Rice’s trilogy “The Lives of the Mayfair Witches,” about a young doctor who discovers her family line is rife with special powers, the show’s portrayal of witchcraft is mostly fantastical. But as the show started filming, its creator, Esta Spalding, wanted its presentation of modern witchcraft to ring true, and the show’s producers sought out an occult consultant to help them get it right. An episode director suggested a friend, Dylan Bauer, a traditional witch more commonly known as Mystic Dylan, who owns the Olde World Emporium, a metaphysical supply store in Santa Clarita, California. ‘I’m a huge academic nerd, so I was thrilled to give a historical and personal perspective on magic to the show,’ said Bauer, who is acting as a consultant for the first time.”—”Horror shows like ‘Mayfair Witches’ hire occult consultants to cast their spells. As witches and interest in Wicca became more common in the broader culture, occult consultants are finding more work on film and television sets.”

Article mentions consulting by Raymond Buckland, a rumour about Aleister Crowley (but not Anton Szandor LaVey‘s actual credits), Paul Huson, Pat Devin, Pam Grossman, and Aerin Fogel.

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