Tradwife life is a manufactured lie that trades real traditional community for a parasocial cosplay fash and fetish audience

“Not all of those people watching will necessarily be wanting to replicate the olden days: some likely watch tradwife content as part of a fetish, with some pointing out the sexual connotations of a motherly figure comforting you through a smartphone screen.” “But the tradwife movement is just part of the broader shift harkening back to an earlier time.” “On the face of it, it seems innocuous, and emblematic of what the trad movement is: a revolt against the modern world. But it’s also the title of a book by right wing Italian ideologue Julius Evola, who had ties to both the fascists in Italy and Nazis in Germany.” “A huge missing component in the whole trad movement is an understanding of traditional culture as living a life that is communal … not this kind of isolated woman at home who’s expected to be the super woman and take care of so much. It’s just kind of an impossibility.” “The kind of things that often show up in the trad movement, especially on TikTok and various social media platforms, are not really formed by any real comprehension of what traditional culture actually is … I think it’s a very simplistic view, and one that is formed probably more by stereotypes that they’ve seen on TV. I don’t think it’s based on actual traditional cultures and societies.”—”Behind the Rise of the Online ‘Tradwife’ Movement. Trad ideology doesn’t just extend to 1950s housewife videos. It also has sinister connections with right-wing extremism, experts say.”

Hermetic Library Omnium Tradwife Life Is a Manufactured Lie That Trades Real Traditional Community for a Parasocial Cosplay Fetish Audience 11mar2023