Witch covens are wrestling and reading tarot in the ring

“Double, double toil and trouble; fire burn and cauldron bubble. The witches are multiplying in Impact. Taylor Wilde was the first witch when she dabbled in dark magic as the Wilde Witch. Now, she has a partner. Wilde sprang a trap on Killer Kelly for the surprise reveal of KiLynn King to join the witches coven. Wilde thought she could find an ally in Kelly, but that partnership soured when the cards foretold a different path.”—”Former AEW wrestler joins witches coven in Impact

Taylor Wilde’s link page says she is a “Pro Wrestler + Witch + Host – ‘Wilde On’ The weird, Wilde, world of wrestling” and offers tarot readings.

“Mortal ties are no match for the People’s Witch.
I’m free.
I’m back.
Now, it’s time to settle the score.
Something wicked this way comes”

Omnium Gatherum Witch Covens Are Wrestling and Reading Tarot in the Ring 11mar2023 Taylor Wilde Drawing Tarot in the Wrestling Ring