Hekate Einalia crowdsurfing for funding

Hekate Einalia Mini 4″ Agalma (Statue). Honor Hekate of the Sea with this highly detailed, full color miniature agalma by Jeff Cullen Artistry!”

Crowdfunding effort with 29 days to go …

“Hekate Einalia is an aspect of the Goddess I have become particularly close with. She is the only other aspect I honor in my cult, and is an extremely powerful incarnation.

Devotees often wonder what a Goddess of the Underworld has to do with the Sea. According to Hesiod, the roots of the Sea, as well as the roots of the earth, reach into the Underworld. These roots reach down into the dark abyss in the deepest pits and cracks of the Ocean floor and weave their way to the Land of the Dead allowing Underworldly power to seep into its waters. The black energy that spills from the cracks is Hekate Einalia, Goddess of the Deep, Witch Queen of the Sea! She haunts the waters collecting the souls of those that died at Sea and knows the location of every treasure lost in the shadowy depths. She can bestow immense wealth and dwells in the deepest parts of the astral waters of the mind giving remarkable intuition and psychic powers, and mastery of the emotions.

I created this highly detailed mini agalma in honor of this powerful epithet. She rises from the waves like a tempest, armed with Her trident, accompanied by Her sea monster familiar. Her dark navy complexion symbolized Her as the Goddess of the Underworldly Deep Sea!

She stands about 4 inches and will be made of high quality resin. These agalmas are perfect for your altar or shrine, and are the perfect size for travel altars, or rites and rituals by the sea side! Like my other mini agalmas, once this run is out of stock She will not be produced again!”

Hermetic Library Omnium Hekate Einalia Crowdsurfing for Funding 12mar2023