Scrying: A Workshop on Esoteric Awareness — March 20, 2023, online

Scrying: A Workshop on Esoteric Awareness with Harper Feist, from The Blackthorne School, a six-week course, starting March 20, 2023, and held online.

Hermetic Library Calendar Scrying a Workshop on Esoteric Awareness 20mar2023

“Scrying: A Workshop on Esoteric Awareness
From $29.99 USD every two weeks (7 Payments Total)

Course Enrollment is Open!

Course Start Date: March 20, 2023

A 6-week online course taught by Harper Feist. Course meets weekly via FaceBook group and videos posted to our website. Some course payment plan options may exceed the duration of the course in efforts to make the course more accessible to many.”

“Sensing the invisible world is critically important for nearly all magical practitioners and yet, it’s set upon a pedestal that is too high to reach. In the ceremonial magic community, it is commonly thought that the only goal is to achieve full visible manifestation of an entity. If you have doubts about your ability to make this happen, and we all do, this can either destroy your confidence during a working, or worse, make you decide not to even try.

The point of this short series of classes is to convince you that you’re not only capable of doing this type of work, but because you’re an incarnated person (i.e. you have a body), you’re ideal for doing it.

The class will start with a historical view of the art of scrying. First, acquainting you with our forefathers and mothers. It will discuss the fact that scrying is not a monolithic idea; that every spiritual tradition has its own take on the practice. We will dissect the statement about the body being the medium, we’ll develop some habits and practices, and then we’ll do an exercise where everyone together will perform an experiment in distance working.

This class will be interactive; all students will be encouraged to participate as much as they like. As much as anything, it will be the questions we ask one another that will peel away the reticence to attempting to feel the world in a slightly different way.

Lastly, it is to be expected that changing the way you interact with the invisible world will not just alter that relationship. It is possible that becoming more selectively sensitive to our invisible friends will make you a better friend to the living, a better listener, a better lover. Please come and open yourself, just a little more, to a larger world.”

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