The puzzle solving robots of Pompeii

“Artificial intelligence will aid the robot in its attempts to put together frescoes that were shattered when Mount Vesuvius erupted. In a warehouse near the ruins of Pompeii sit 15,000 stones of various sizes. These aren’t [just] any stones from that famous destroyed city near Naples; some are adorned with drawings of flowers, animals, faces and whole bodies. … these images decorated frescoes that gave life to the homes of the wealthy. Since then researchers have been trying to put the puzzle together. … The 15,000 stones apparently were parts of frescoes that the eruption scattered in all directions. After painstaking work, archaeologists and other researchers concluded that the challenge was beyond human capabilities. Prof. Ohad Ben-Shahar of Ben-Gurion University’s Department of Computer Science agrees, so the Sisyphean task will be done by a robot fueled by artificial intelligence.”—”Solving Pompeii’s Shattered Puzzles With This Israeli Robot

Hermetic Library Omnium the Puzzle Solving Robots of Pompeii 13mar2023