Upcoming Discordian book nowhere to be found except by reference. Fnord.

“Brother: ‘… Is the second book going to be about witchcraft too?’

Me: ‘It is. With an emphasis on Discordianism.’

Brother: ‘Discordianism?’

Me: ‘Oh. Right. You don’t know about that. See, back in 1957, these two guys were hanging out in a bowling alley…’

[Insert completely unnecessary, 15-minute oral dissertation on the history of Discordianism here.]

Brother: ‘…’

Me: ‘I know. It’s kind of a lot.'”—Of Gods and Nieces

About, in part, an upcoming book on Discordianism, due some time in 2024, about which I was most interested in finding out more, but can’t find info for atm. (Meanwhile, see also “Eris is Burning (or, a Discordian Crash Course in Crashing a Wedding)“.) Fnord.

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But, also mentions, among other things, Virgo Witch: Unlock the Magic of Your Sun Sign by Ivo Dominguez Jr and Thumper Forge, due November 2023.

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