Crowley created a kayfabe Crowley character based on an imaginary Crowley from a song that is about Crowley in name only

“Crowley works a carnival gimmick, that he said came to be after hearing the song ‘Mr. Crowley’ by Ozzy Osbourne. The song was about British occultist Aleister Crowley. To Charles Crowley, Aleister Crowley ‘had insane charisma and the things he got people to do was mad. It kind of made me think, Wow, that’s quite powerful. This guy achieved more and had more power than the normal person just from his speech, his aura, his energy.’ ‘So that’s where Aleister Crowley came from and I just like the CC, my middle name’s Charles. I was like, Alright, a bit of me, a bit of him, let’s go for it. I also like the steampunk circus aesthetic, so there you go.’ It has become Crowley’s signature to say, ‘Welcome to the show!’ He treats it like a show everytime he makes his way through the curtain.”—”Welcome to the Show, Charles Crowley

Literally just stage magic not Magick, all in all. People get the weirdest ideas about Aleister Crowley when they just make up everything. I don’t know, man. Maybe read a book some time? Or, you know, even just a wikipedia article? I’m not sayin’ become a scholar or student, but ffs. Also, that outfit is way more Feri / Melek Taus than it is Thelema, amirite?

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