Root & Branch Book Six

Root & Branch Book Six – A Fantasy Adventure Comic. The continuing adventures of Ariana the Druid and her epic quest to find the Great Tree. A beautiful watercolor webcomic in book form.”

Crowdfunding effort with 29 days to go for a print edition of Root & Branch webcomic.

“More than one year ago, Ariana set out on a great journey seeking answers, her quest taking her far from her homelands and the People of the Moon. She is determined to save them from a mysterious malady that is destroying her folk, and will stop at nothing to find answers.

Along her path she has found a companion, quick with a sword, but not a smile. He, too, is far from home, but not quick to tell the reasons why. Together they are on the path to the Great Tree – the ancient pilgrimage of their once great civilization. The legendary Keeper may have answers that will save the elves that once thrived across Erda.

They can only hope that it’s still standing…

Ariana has survived through the winter out in the strange world of the human kingdoms, her tenacity and kindness has opened doors for her, but dangers lurk around every corner – stumbling blocks on the road to the Great Tree.”

Hermetic Library Omnium Root and Branch 14mar2023

“Root & Branch is following the continuing adventures of a young druid on a sacred quest to gain the wisdom of the Great Tree and keep her people from dying out. Along the way Ariana has encountered those mysterious humans and learned their customs – too often the hard way! Her unexpected alliance with another elf, also far from home, taught her many things, including the heartbreak of being left behind. But with the warmth of spring she is hopeful for the future of her journey!”