Daughter of Frankenstein

Daughter of Frankenstein. A 5E compatible, narrative TTRPG adventure of mystery, classic body horror, supernatural science, & industrial disaster.”

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“Daughter of Frankenstein is a 5E-compatible TTRPG campaign and setting guide utilizing a more narrative approach to 5E for cinematic and collaborative storytelling.

This collection of interconnected, playable stories is inspired by the supernatural science-fiction of Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein (The Modern Prometheus), Jack the Ripper, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Annihilation, Resident Evil, and Penny Dreadful.

The party must investigate the strange happenings around the land of Promethea, unraveling the larger mystery. Engage in compelling adventures of supernatural science fiction and gothic storytelling reminiscent of Free League’s Vaesen & D&D’s Ravenloft.

The book is designed with an ADHD-friendly approach to layout with a plethora of beautiful imagery from talented artists in the TTRPG community. At least half the writers for this book are newer TTRPG authors carving their space in this storytelling community for the first time!”

See also She is the Ancient: A Genderbent Curse of Strahd—”She is the Ancient: A Genderbent Curse of Strahd. Re-imagined NPCs, backstories, and concepts for your Curse of Strahd campaign! When I first picked up Curse of Strahd, I wondered how exciting it might be if this Count were instead a Countess. Here is the visual culmination of what’s been swirling around in my mind and at my tables. This guide is a reference to the NPCs of Curse of Strahd. You’ll find that each character has helpful descriptions, connections, and suggestions for roleplay. I’ve included story changes and alternate encounters as well. Not every NPC has been gender-bent, but many have. Some characters simply swapped backstories or societal roles. While I market this as ‘A Genderbent Curse of Strahd,’ it’s a bit more than that. There are changes to how horror gets depicted, and there are alternatives to the characters centered around racial slurs and ableist language. Maybe you’d like to see more women represented as more than just desired objects or hags? Perhaps you’d like to play a classic Dracula story with less targeted sexual violence? We can have TTRPG horror without the repeated use of prominent real-life horror. After all, as my good friend Casual Campbell states, ‘Vampires should understand consent better than any monster. They literally have to ask for permission to enter a home.'”

Beth the Bard She Is the Ancient