Sonic Theology

Sonic Theology: Hinduism and Sacred Sound [Amazon, Bookshop] by Guy L Beck, part of the Studies in Comparative Religion series.

Beck Sonic Theology

“A comparative approach to understanding the centrality of sound to Hindu religious practices

The Hindu world is permeated by sound: drums, bells, gongs, cymbals, conches, flutes, and an array of vocalizations play a central role in worship. Guy L. Beck contends that the traditional Western focus on Hinduism’s visual component has often been at the expense of the religion’s most important feature―its emphasis on sound. In Sonic Theology Beck addresses this longstanding imbalance, contending that Hinduism is essentially a sonic theology.

Beck argues that sound participates at every level of the Hindu cosmos. Comparing the centrality of sound in Hindu theology to its place in other religions, Beck raises issues about sound and language that not only reshape our understanding of Hindu worship but also invite a fresh approach to comparative theology.”