Peter J Carroll revealed himself to be a douche-canoe

Unfortunately, Peter J Carroll has revealed himself to be a douche-canoe, back in 2022, in a blog post whilst talking about Interview with a Wizard [Amazon, Bookshop] (with Ian Blumberg-Enge).

Carroll Blumberg-Enge Interview With a Wizard

“Peter J Carroll developed the Theories and Practices of Chaos Magic which caused a revolution in magical and esoteric thinking in the last few decades of the twentieth century, and they continue to heavily influence it in the twenty first century.

As the first in a new tradition of Sorcerer-Scientists, Carroll developed a paradigm in which Magic lies far closer to Science than to Religion. He formed a worldwide magical order to promote and develop the new insights into magic and then largely disappeared from public view to procreate and to build a business empire and continue scientific and metaphysical research in private.

This book of interviews reveals the extraordinary life and adventures and thoughts of one of the world’s most exceptional antinomian thinkers. It contains much that may intrigue, surprise, amaze, and outrage the reader on a very wide range of topics.

The appendix contains Carroll’s Hypersphere Cosmology thesis which presents a radical alternative to the big-bang theory, and which has, so far, resisted all attempts to falsify it.”

From the blog post:

“Chaos Wokeism.

Chaos Magic began amongst the occultists of the tail end of the Hippy subculture of the Baby Boomer generation. The Punks and the Goths soon embraced it. Then the Wiccans, Neo-Pagans, Thelemites, Darksiders, Satanists, Thule-ists, and Ultra-Rightists all took inspirations from it. Now things seem to have come full circle with the advent of Chaos-Wokeism as exemplified by the recent works of Professor Patricia MacCormack – a Chaos Magician who embraces full spectrum radical socio-political-sexual-ecological philosophy with gothic panache. Try googling her.

The Eight-Rayed Snowflake of Chaos rises!”

Rhetorical question: What’s a four-letter word-spell for causing douche-canoes to reveal themselves?

And, apparently, Aleksandr Dugin isn’t the only one to abuse the chaostar. This time the alt-right loon is coming from inside the house.

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So, here’s yet another author to approach with disorientation and eyes wide open.

But, hey, it’s not all bad news. You now know to check out the work of Patricia MacCormack. For example, look at The Ahuman Manifesto: Activism for the End of the Anthropocene and Cinesexuality (Queer Interventions); and, she writes the foreword to Phil Hine’s Queerying Occultures: Essays from Enfolding Vol. 1.