The Sanctuary of Vera Pragnell

“Vera Pragnell felt that land was a basic necessity and it should be owned by the people. She inherited a fortune from her father, Sir George Pragnell, and used it to buy 50 acres at Heath Common and gave away plots to anyone interested in settling there. Writer Laurie Lee lived in a caravan there and H.G. Wells and Aleister Crowley are known to have been friends.”—”The Sanctuary: Secrets of a Sussex village and the utopian community that was open to all. Hidden away in a Sussex village is a place called Sanctuary, a special place which walkers often stumble upon on their travels over National Trust land at Warren Hill and to Sandgate Country Park.”

Passing, and non-sensational, mention of Aleister Crowley.

Hermetic Library Omnium the Sanctuary of Vera Pragnell 19mar2023