Watch “Dozens of Māori and New Zealand words added to Oxford English Dictionary

“The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) has added dozens of words commonly used in New Zealand by the country’s Māori people.

The OED now includes ‘kia ora e hoa’ – or ‘hi mate’; ‘koha’ meaning gift; ‘whenua’ or land and ‘rangatiratanga’ signifying the right to self-determination.

Other non-Māori words have also been added, including ‘after-ball’ – a party following a formal event – and ‘chur’, used conversationally to express good wishes.”

“47 entries added from Te Reo Māori and colloquial NZ language.”

“… when we look specifically at the English language as it is used in New Zealand we found that a lot of words coming from the Māori language have now become part of everyday language in the country and many of them are used not just by Māori people or by or in Māori context but generally among all people who live in New Zealand.”

Seems like “Rangatiratanga” might be useful for a Liber OZ in Te Reo Māori … anyone?

Hermetic Library Omnium Rangatiratanga 21mar2023