Anthology news, 24mar2023

Here’s news for you!

MK Ultraaaaah released H A I R S A B Y S S – RadioOo Obscurah by MK Ultraterrestrial Broadcasting “Hairs Abyss, C. GlöOmy (Feral Copse, MK Ultraterrestrial Broadcasting, Coma Kult) and Paul Harrison (Expose Your Eyes, Egone, Smell and Quim, Feral Copse) with dystopian electronics ranging from eerie static transmissions to nightmarish synth squall. Credits to Rinus van Alebeek and Radio On Berlin.”

Mold Omen will be doing a show at Metro Gallery, Baltimore, MD, US on April 14

Hermetic Library Anthology News 24mar2023 Mold Omen Show

… and check out this new solo music video from Andy for Parasocialite

Noah23 released Forbidden History ft. Kool Keith

And Firmament’s track Liquid Lush, the first release in 5 years, has now dropped! Take a gander and listen in all the places

Hermetic Library Anthology Firmament Liquid Rush 12mar2023

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And, of course, be sure to check out the anthology at Hermetic Library and Bandcamp, and in all the digital streaming and online shops. Don’t forget that the combined call for submissions to This Is Not An Hermetic Library Anthology Album -5 and Magick, Music and Ritual 18, the anthology issue for 2023, will be posted in June 2023; so, heads up, that’s coming up quickly. Moreover, if you become an ongoing Subscriber you’ll get 5 whole albums right now, and then another two new releases planned for this year!

Magick Music and Ritual 17 The Hermetic Library Anthology Album for 2022, Sun in Sagittarius, An Vviii