Hermetic Library Newsletter #113

Happy Thelemic Year V:ix!

Howdy everyone! Here’s a public summary of my activity this week ending March 24, 2023!

This week I did a whole lot of work restoring most of David Richard Jones’ Invisible College pages. During the migration to the wiki engine these pages did not transfer because for a lot of them I was using special code for them, and so there was not any page to import, per se. So, I had to go back through them all and create pages and then add a bunch of links to downloadable files. And so on. Also, I’ve had some annoying technical issues, including a power outage that revealed that the site server was not properly set to reboot on power restoration, a disk full on the blog server, and my desktop had some stability problems. Anyhow, that’s a bit too much of a hint on how I made the sausage this week. I also added more of the old newsletters, finished adding all the old Write.As issues and another Revue issue. Plus, there’s new and updated Hermeneuticon entries, and a few more Sufi and Nasruddin tiny tales from Laura Gibbs.

And, as always, I worked on various other things I’ve not specifically mentioned on website, blog, and more … Enjoy!

Thank you for visiting and being a guest of Hermetic Library. You help me be of service and make the work of the library meaningful. Especial thanks to each and every ongoing Patron on Patreon, Subscriber at Bandcamp, and Member on Ko-Fi for making the work of the library possible!

Hermetic Calendar Mar 20 2023 Annus V ix Thelemic New Year

Happy Thelemic Year V:ix! As of March 20 at 15:33 UTC, it is a new year represented by the docosade of Atu V, the Hierophant and the year of Atu IX, The Hermit. Of course, this also marks the anniversary of the Invocation of Horus aka the Supreme Ritual, The Equinox of the Gods, and astronomical Equinox when Sun is at 0° Aries.


Here’s upcoming calendar and astronomical events, plus the daily Thelemic Tephilah practice, for the coming week, March 24–31.


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Here’s recurring calendar events in Hermeneuticon for this coming week.


  • First quarter moon, March 28

Thelemic Tephilah

Here’s reminders for Thelemic Tephilah daily practice for this upcoming week, from the Hermeneuticon page for the month, and we’re exiting the interregnum, and starting a New Year!


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I’ve slowed down posting to one item a week because I’m low on things. I more than filled the previous issue, but now I need more submissions for this current one, if it is to happen, as planned, on Aphelion 2023.

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