“I am damned always to be separated from her and with her, in an oscillation”

“A little over a month later when a nurse and doctor came to visit the family, Philip weighed two and a half pounds and Jane only two and a quarter, according to Edgar, who, like his son, seems prone to hyperbole. The twins were rushed to the hospital in a heated incubator. Jane died on the car ride there. The tragic episode became the emotional centerpiece in Dick’s life. Fifty years later the eccentric science fiction author wrote in his Exegesis, a gargantuan set of notes Dick made about what he termed his ‘mystical experiences’ in the 1970s, ‘My sister is everything to me. I am damned always to be separated from her and with her, in an oscillation.'”—”Within You, Without You: Philip and Jane Dick

About, in part, both once and maybe still upcoming: an Amazon show “Jane” from Alfonso Cuarón and PKD’s daughter Isa Hackett, with Charlize Theron, and a separate in-development adaptation by Jon Shestack of Only Apparently Real: The World of Philip K Dick by Paul Williams.

Williams Only Apparently Real


From 2022, “Charlize Theron, Alfonso Cuarón Team for Philip K. Dick Family Drama ‘Jane’. The Oscar winners will produce — and are being eyed to star in and direct — the Amazon project from Dick’s daughter Isa Hackett.”—”Oscar winners Charlize Theron and Alfonso Cuarón are partnering for Jane, an Amazon feature project based on the personal life of beloved science fiction author Philip K. Dick from his daughter Isa Hackett. The genre-bending project is based on the relationship between Dick and his twin sister, Jane, who died six weeks after birth. The death affected Dick personally, and also influenced his creative work. Theron, Cuarón and Hackett will produce the project, which is being developed with an eye for Cuarón to direct and Theron to star.”

From 2022, “Sci-Fi Author Philip K. Dick Getting Biopic Treatment With ‘Only Apparently Real’. Jon Shestack is producing a feature that will focus on a break-in that may or may not have occurred at the house of Dick, whose work inspired ‘Blade Runner’ and ‘Total Recall.'”

Burgling the Most Brilliant Sci-Fi Mind on Earth—It Is Earth, Isn’t It?” archive of an article in Rolling Stone, November 6, 1975