Greece’s first green museum to be built on the site of Plato’s ancient academy

“authorities in Athens announced the creation of Greece’s first green museum. The museum will be created where Plato’s Academy would have been in ancient times. According to the city, the winning design retains some of the open-plan ideas of the academy, incorporating greenery and public spaces. Additionally, the museum would house unique artefacts excavated during work in the city in the past decades and materials found in the development of the city’s Metro. According to an official statement, their number is around 300,000 pieces that are currently not on display.”—”Athens to build Greece’s first 100% ‘green’ museum. The building will be on the site of Plato’s Ancient Academy.”

Also “According to designers Tsolakis Architects, the design for the new Archaeological Museum of Athens focuses on the harmonious symbiosis of two regional conflicting forces – the impenetrable and continuous mass of the city, and the enclosed grove of the Plato Academy with the archaeological excavations. ‘The building program of the museum presupposes the construction of a large volume that will be imposed on the grove, limiting the surface of the valuable public space. Instead, the majority of the museum’s surface is developed underground and locally affects the terrain, creating smooth outcrops and pits that enhance the horizontal topography. The museum interacts with the existing field and is harmoniously transformed into a building ground,’ the architects explained.”—”‘Green museum’ to be built on ancient Plato’s Academy site.”

Hermetic Library Omnium Greece's First Green Museum to Be Built on the Site of Plato's Ancient Academy 27mar2023