The map

by SD Master

He carried a map, a clock and a ball of knotted green yarn. He could find any place he wanted, yet he was lost. Far sighted, yet the trees blocked his view. Born into a family that was not his own, abandoned because he was not like everyone else. The rumors told of him, though untrue, became more concrete with each telling. Driven from his village, spells cast, rocks thrown, indignity piled upon unfounded truths, he was turned out to wander and remember in solitude. His only solace were his dreams, the half tasted remembrances, thoughts, shades and shadows consciously inserted into his mind by the group that controlled his actions and his life. The animals he encountered, not unlike many of his detractors, were kinder to him than the villagers he had grown up amongst.

The map he held was blank, only a dot showed him where he was. The clock allowed him to know how long he had walked and the knotted green yarn allowed him to discern the distance he had travelled. Reaching for the collar of his shirt, he found the pen that he habitually had clipped there. He could now update the map.

From Quotes, Quips and Whimsical Conundrums by SD Master.

SD Master is a mystic who writes poetry.

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