Swords in the Shadows and Raze: Mother, Maiden, Crone

“Outland Entertainment is proud to announce the first two publications in the Outer Shadows imprint—SWORDS IN THE SHADOWS and RAZE: MOTHER, MAIDEN, CRONE. Both books present a fresh exploration of the dark fantasy and horror genre.”

Hermetic Library Omnium Swords in the Shadows and Raze Mother Maiden Crone 10apr2023

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“SWORDS IN THE SHADOWS, the first anthology from the Outer Shadows imprint of Outland Entertainment, features twenty-two stories with a bloody stake driven into the heart of both the horror and fantasy camps. Herein, you will find fantasy worlds, brave warriors, fabulous creatures, wondrous magic. But you will also uncover bloodcurdling chills, spine-tingling horror, and an examination of those things that truly terrify. Each story features a unique take on the sword, sorcery, and horror genre. New heroes. New terrors. New worlds of high adventure and loathsome terror.” Including stories by Wile E. Young, Brian Keene, Glenn Parris, Jonathan Maberry, Hailey Piper, Heath Amodio, Josh Roberts, Allison Pang, Jonathan Janz, Mary SanGiovanni, L C Mortimer, Mike Oliveri, Scott Schmidt, JimmyZ Johnston, Stephen Graham Jones, Justin C. Key, Charles R. Rutledge, James A. Moore, Steven L. Shrewsbury, Rena Mason, Aaron Conaway, and Joe R. Lansdale; ed Cullen Bunn.

“RAZE: MOTHER, MAIDEN, CRONE is a horror/dark fantasy novella written by Cullen Bunn. Within these pages, readers will be introduced to a new dark fantasy setting. This is but the first foray into this world for Outer Shadows.”