“Liturgy has been a point of controversy at least since 2015, when its frontperson (then known as Hunter Hunt-Hendrix) issued a lengthy screed on what black metal is, or should be, or could be. At this point, understanding the metaphysics behind Hunt-Hendrix’s music is probably about as essential as being versed in Aleister Crowley is for appreciating Led Zeppelin. There’s a lot going on beyond the theory, and it’s pretty powerful stuff.”—”Music: Wiggly Air, by Kurt Gottschalk

Passing mention of Aleister Crowley in a pretty much refreshingly unsensational comparison in a review of 93696, a new release by Liturgy. Although, I’m not so sure one needs any familiarity at all with Crowley to appreciate Led Zepplin, I’ll let that pass without commen— oops. Never mind. Welp. I mean, it’ll add extra context and won’t hurt … much.

93696 [Amazon, Bandcamp] by Liturgy; also H.A.Q.Q [Amazon, Bandcamp] and Origin of the Alimonies [Amazon, Bandcamp].

Hermetic Library Omnium Liturgy 93696 12apr2023

Hermetic Library Omnium Liturgy H A Q Q 12apr2023

Hermetic Library Omnium Liturgy Origin of the Alimonies 12apr2023