2000 year old permaculture food forest in Morocco

The 2000 Year Old Food Forest in Morocco

“Geoff takes us for a tour around an ancient 2,000-year-old food forest in Inraren, Morocco. He first visited this valley oasis in 1975, and he’s been back a handful of times to document the evolution of what many believe is the world’s oldest managed sustainable agriculture system.”

“So, if this is a 2000 year old system, at a point in time, where organic matter is dropping radically low in all industrial agriculture and food shortage is absolutely imminent. We’re going to have massive famines. We can’t keep turning good land into desert and let systems that are ancient and been running for centuries, if not a few 1000 years, we can’t let this lesson disappear. This is the point when we have to choose, are you going to pay attention to systems that run on their own cycles of organic matter and fertility with very, very small inputs. … we’ve got to want to do it, otherwise it disappears.”

Hermetic Library Omnium 2000 Year Old Permaculture Food Forest in Morocco 19apr2023