Hermetic Library Newsletter #117

I’m planning on shaking this last week off and getting back to it in the new one.

Howdy everyone! Here’s a public summary of my activity this week ending April 21, 2023!

This week was a bit of a lost one. I basically am not sure where the week went. I got a bit of work on the site done, but I felt super burned out every time I went to post on the blog daily and ended up just posting some Omnium Gatherum stuff one day, a meme, and a new propaganda poster. I’m planning on shaking this last week off and getting back to it in the new one.

Also, happy, healthy, safe and sane wishes to you and the whole planet on this 4.543 billionth, plus another new one, anniversary of Earth Day, tomorrow!

And, as always, I worked on various other things I’ve not specifically mentioned on website, blog, and more … Enjoy!

Thank you for visiting and being a guest of Hermetic Library. You help me be of service and make the work of the library meaningful. Especial thanks to each and every ongoing Patron on Patreon, Subscriber at Bandcamp, and Member on Ko-Fi for making the work of the library possible!

Hermetic Library Meme Western Shootout Do What Thou Wilt


Here’s upcoming calendar and astronomical events, plus the daily Thelemic Tephilah practice, for the coming week, April 21–28.


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Here’s recurring calendar events in Hermeneuticon for this coming week.

Hermetic calendar Apr 22 Earth Day


  • Yesterday was a new moon but also a hybrid solar eclipse over western Australia and nearby islands. I probably should have mentioned that last week. ::sad trombone::
  • Lyrids Meteor Shower, April 22–23
  • Venus has been really bright all month, so, especially with the new moon yesterday, check near the horizon on April 22, just above the moon; just below the moon on the 23rd; moon between venus and mars on the 24th; an a conjunction of mars left of moon and venus lower right.
  • First Quarter, April 27

Thelemic Tephilah

Here’s reminders for Thelemic Tephilah daily practice for this upcoming week, from the Hermeneuticon page for the month, and we’re exiting the interregnum, and starting a New Year!


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I’ve slowed down posting to one item a week because I’m low on things. I more than filled the previous issue, but now I need more submissions for this current one, if it is to happen, as planned, on Aphelion 2023.

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