SatanCon 2023 — April 28–30, 2023, Boston, US

The Satanic Temple presents SatanCon 2023, the second convention with this one commemorating TST’s 10th year, is April 28–30, 2023, Boston, US. (N.B. Although this is an upcoming calendar event, at the time of posting, tickets to the main event are sold out. There are still passes to the marketplace, sans presentations and so on.)

Hermetic Library Calendar Satancon 2023 28apr2023

Boston Marriott Copley Place – April 28-30, 2023


See also “Boston’s SatanCon expected to be largest ever gathering of Satanists“—”Hundreds of Satanists will converge in Boston’s Copley Square at the end of April for the second annual SatanCon. But they aren’t coming to worship the devil. With over 800 registered attendees, organizers say they’re expecting it to be the largest ever gathering of Satanists, accompanied by protests of conservative and Christian groups from across the country.” “The event has been widely covered in conservative media, including Fox News. Online protesters like televangelist John Ramirez say the Satanic Temple, the organization hosting the convention, exists ‘so demons and spirits can work in the atmosphere … to really bring destruction to the people.’ Dex Desjardins, an ordained minister of Satan and spokesman for the [Satanic] Temple, said the church is often misunderstood.” “‘We know that there are movements in this country right now that are trying to take away voting rights. They’re trying to restrict the kinds of relationships you can have, what you can read at school, what you can say as a teacher, and you have to push back. And it’s risky. It’s always risky to fight for civil rights.’ Desjardins said the group supports people’s right to protest, so long as they do so peacefully. ‘That’s their First Amendment right, just like we have the right to be here and hold our convention,’ he said.”