Anthology news, 24apr2023

Here’s some new things to check out!

Primitive Knot released This is the Fourth World War

Mold Omen released Smite Return

New video from Nostril Flair for Reality Breath

New video from Noah23 for Trap in Guelph

Until next time!

And, of course, be sure to check out the anthology at Hermetic Library and Bandcamp, and in all the digital streaming and online shops. Don’t forget that the combined call for submissions to This Is Not An Hermetic Library Anthology Album -5 and Magick, Music and Ritual 18, the anthology issue for 2023, will be posted in June 2023; so, heads up, that’s coming up quickly. Moreover, if you become an ongoing Subscriber you’ll get 5 whole albums right now, and then another two new releases planned for this year!

Magick Music and Ritual 17 The Hermetic Library Anthology Album for 2022, Sun in Sagittarius, An Vviii