Tiny mummified green hand found in a pot burial clutching a copper coin minted 150 years after the cemetery was abandoned.

“As far as archaeological discoveries go, finding a mummified hand of a tiny baby clutching at a late medieval coin is already Indiana Jones territory. But in 2005, a team opened up a pot at an abandoned cemetery in Nyarlorinc, Hungary, and found just that. Also, the hand was green, pushing the whole find well onto Indiana Jones 4 turf.” “In other strange and unexplained details of the case, a coin found alongside the remains was in circulation between 1858 and 1862. Or in other words: ‘The pot burial took place at least 150 years after the cemetery has been abandoned.'”—”Scientists Opened Up A Jar In A Cemetery And Found A Mummified Green Hand Clutching A Copper Coin. The burial took place at least 150 years after the cemetery had been abandoned.”

Hermetic Library Omnium Small Mummified Green Hand Found in a Pot Burial Clutching a Copper Coin Minted 150 Years After the Cemetery Was Abandoned 27apr2023

See, from 2016, “Partial mummification and extraordinary context observed in perinate burials: a complex osteoarcheological study applying ICP-AES, μXRF, and macromorphological methods“—”Very small, green colored, partially mummified remains of a perinate individual were found buried in a ceramic pot with a copper coin in the Late Medieval cemetery of Nyárlőrinc-Hangár út (‘Nyárlőrinc 3. lelőhely’) in southern Hungary. The remains must date back to the second half of the nineteenth century AD.”