Speakeasy of the Dead — April 30, 2023, online

Speakeasy of the Dead V, an online cabaret for fancy necromancers, presented by Radio Free Golgotha, April 30, 2023, online.

Hermetic Library Calendar Speakeasy of the Dead 30apr2023

“Speakeasy of the Dead (V)
An online cabaret for fancy necromancers

By Radio Free Golgotha

Starts on Sunday, April 30 · 6pm CDT

Join us for our fifth SPEAKEASY OF THE DEAD, your favourite online cabaret for fancy necromancers!

We will have three 20-minute talks, a few ten-minute presentations and our usual segments of necro-astrology, slide-galleries of curated art, dread poetry, and herbalism of the dead; all inspired by our topic-theme-prompt NIGHT FLIGHT.


– Dr Alexander Cummins & Sasha Ravitch, speaking two-headedly on the Trooping Dead and fairy Arthuriana of the Wild Hunt

– Katarina Pejovic, sharing Balkan lore, legend, and litany.

– Matthew Venus , considering perspectives on (and protections against) the witches’ night flight.


– The Dead Weather Report with JM Hamade

– Curated Art by Sarah Wood

– Poetry from Cooper Wilhelm

– Necro-gardens tended by Jesse Hathaway Diaz

and as always, all proceedings hosted by

The Good Doctor and Goat of Radio Free Golgotha

Price of Entry: $7

We plan to donate all proceeds to E-Romnja, a Roma feminist, a-political and non-profit organization that fights for the rights of Roma women and girls.”