The Gnostic Universe — until May 22, Beijing, CN

The Gnostic Universe is a show by the Chinese artist Liu Guoyi that runs until May 22 in Beijing, CN. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find a lot of information about it. Every mention seems to point back to one source “The Gnostic Universe exhibition in Beijing reveals the art of Liu Guoyi” which doesn’t offer much detail.

Hermetic Library Calendar the Gnostic Universe Until 22may2023

“The latest works from Chinese artist Liu Guoyi are on display in Beijing in the new show The Gnostic Universe. Curated by Wang Zhigang and Gao Renjie, this exhibition features Liu’s oil paintings, sculptures, videos, derivative works and many other masterpieces in order to integrate art into daily life and people’s lifestyles. Curator Wang Zhigang said during the opening ceremony that Gnostics believe that the consciousness and the mind are the basic components of the universe, and that all things have a spirit. These spiritualities and wisdom transcend our understanding, while artistic creation is the ability to capture and interpret emotions and nature. ‘So we will discover new species in the artist’s various pieces. It means the recreation of another universe with new characteristics such as kindness and innocence,’ said Wang. Dreams during his childhood and life experiences have inspired his art, expressed in paintings and sculptures, according to the artist. The exhibition is set to run until May 22.”