by SD Master

The baby was born with a funnel in each ear. Deaf to the sounds because of the excess. Instructed on how to behave by parents and peers, she grew to know her name as Ophidia. A serpent, reviled amongst the darkened mass who currently controlled the town. Tormented and treated as a freak, she grew into the likeness of those who held her in contempt. She learned, through the use of forgiveness, that the light she held within could be used to dispel the shadows of her life. A mirror, placed in her lap as a childhood distraction, shewed her how to be forgiving of those who knew less. Her sweet lips, being sealed from birth, longed to speak of things she knew, but knowing these things, she understood that her tongue and the distance between ears could/would be misconstrued and/or misunderstood.

From Quotes, Quips and Whimsical Conundrums by SD Master.

SD Master is a mystic who writes poetry.

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