“This archaeology isn’t going to be around forever”

“Dr Andrew Tibbs, an honorary research fellow in archaeology at Durham University, has carried out a digital survey of almost 100 sites thought to be linked with the first invasion of Scotland in the decade after 70AD.” ” the first big-data study of the positioning of all the early Roman sites and their relationship with the landscape. It combines remote sensing techniques with existing archaeological and historical data and precise details of the terrain held in a digital geographical information system. This wealth of data meant Dr Tibbs was able to reach a better understanding of why the Romans built where they did.” “we’ve got 300-odd sites across Scotland that we think are Roman and there’s very little research, almost no research going on into them. This archaeology isn’t going to be around forever. Climate change, agricultural works all do tremendous amounts of damage to the sites that we know about and we can keep an eye on.”—”Tracing Scotland’s unique place in the Roman world. It is a commonly-held view that the Romans did not spend a long time in Scotland or have much interest in it – but new research is highlighting the extraordinary extent of what they built and their persistence in trying to subdue the Caledonian tribes.”

Hermetic Libary Omnium This Archaeology Isnt Going to Be Around Forever 14may2023