Let the goat come to you

Watch “The slow motion baby goat video you didn’t know you need… But do!

“The amount of effort a baby goat puts into each hop is astounding, and only fully observed by slowing down their motion so you can see every twist and turn clearly. They leap so bravely forward. Even the youngest six who are one week old, are full of twists and turns and side kicks.

So many people ask us why they hop, and I’m not sure we will ever know entirely. It is likely some combination of skill development, as herbivores it’s important that they can elude predators with clever fake outs, and also probably to a large degree just for the joy of it. They leap because they can!

Humans could benefit so much by practicing being more, nimble, fluid, and joyful. It is so easy to get stuck in our ways, to feel heavy, and weighed down by the world. The goat kids show us that there is another way.”

Hermetic Library Omnium Let the Goat Come to You 15may2023