Danni Molloy is a trans woman in Strange Science

“The modern era of Archie Comics has seen the company rapidly diversify the world of Riverdale and beyond—not just in style and tone since the reboot of Archie in 2015, but in its view of its characters and their identities, from the introduction of queer characters to moves like revealing Jughead’s asexuality. Now, in the realm of its horror imprint, the publisher is ready to take a major step. io9 can exclusively reveal that the next upcoming chapter in the story of Jinx Holliday—inspired by the old Archie character Li’l Jinx, and revived for Jinx: Grim Fairy Tales last year on the precipice of a series of solo adventure one-shots—Strange Science, will spotlight classic ‘80s Archie Dilton’s Strange Science character Danni Molloy, now Jinx’s best friend, and re-introduce her as a trans woman, in a major first for the company.”—”Archie Comics Is Ready to Introduce Its First Trans Character. As Archie Horror returns to Strange Science, it’s taking a major step in its representation of diverse identities.”

Visaggio Mapa Wright Morelli Chilling Adventures Presents Strange Science Archie Horror

“Strange Science is expected to hit shelves August 16. Jinx: Grim Fairy Tales is available now, as is The Cursed Library as part of Archie’s FCBD offering from earlier this month. The next tale in Jinx and Danni’s story before Strange Science, Jinx: A Cursed Life, is due out this Wednesday, July 17.”

Looks like there’s also Archie Horror Presents: Chilling Adventures, an anthology collection due September 2023, though of these new tales, it appears only Jinx: Grim Fairy Tales will be included. Maybe if there’s a 2nd volume.