Hellebore Beltane 2023

Hellebore, Beltane 2023, No. 9: The Old Ways Issue [Publisher, The Peculiar Parish Bookshop] on pre-order, due June 2023.

Hellebore Beltane 2023 the Old Ways

“The Old Ways Issue, containing an editorial introduction and the following articles…

Megaliths from Outer Space: Kenneth Brophy examines the emergence of the belief that ancient megaliths were built to help aliens navigate the Earth and its impact in popular culture.

The Return of Ley Lines: Katy Soar and Niall Finneran on the legacy of Alfred Watkins and his ideas, from the early 20th-century occult revival to the Earth mysteries movement and beyond.

Gallery / Strange Journeys: Severed heads, green-skinned children, cursing wells. Francis Young leaves behind Chaucer’s pilgrims to take us on the strangest devotional journeys in Medieval Britain and Ireland.

The Court of His Most Turbulent Majesty: Verity Holloway embarks on a journey on the high seas to tell us of the intriguing ritual—part baptism, part sacrifice, part acknowledgement of the old gods—of the crossing of the line.

Uncanny Neighbours: Castaways, fortune tellers, witches and sorcerers. Madeline Potter on how fictional portraits of the Roma have used the trope of nomadism as a destabiliser to present them as embodiments of the uncanny.

The Wandering Lights: By telling tales of ghostly lights leading travellers astray, Icy Sedgwick reminds us that our presence in the landscape might not be welcome. But in an increasingly urban world, are these cautionary tales bound to disappear?

Finding Common Ground: To hold and control access to the land is to hold power. Darren Pih on the history of trespass movements and the need to raise questions about land ownership.”