Wait for it … it’s like a living, growing Hieronymus Bosch triptych


Just stop. #duet

♬ original sound – Jackie Santillan

“I don’t need to know what you look like watching that TikTok video” … but I am rather curious what’s next.

Hermetic Library Omnium Wait for It Its Like a Living Growing Hieronymus Bosch Triptych 16may2023

Also “TikTok Goes Surrealist With “Exquisite Corpse” Videos“—”Who remembers playing Exquisite Corpse as an icebreaker during arts and crafts at summer camp or on the first day of grade school? You may not remember it by name, but it’s the group sequence drawing game where you draw a portion of a body (the head, the torso, or the legs) on one section of a tri-folded piece of paper, fold it behind the following empty section, and pass it to your neighbor who completes the next part of the body without seeing what you’ve drawn while you do the same. Everyone usually erupts with laughter after unfolding their collaborative drawings at the end, embracing the incongruity of mismatched body parts that yield nonsensical characters. Exquisite Corpse was popularized in early 20th-century France when poet André Breton and the other early players in the Surrealist movement began playing the game during recreational parties. While Exquisite Corpse remains a classroom and an art history favorite, TikTokers have virtually translated the game into video format with impressive success. It all started in 2020 when a Canadian TikToker named Fran Johnson (@johnson_fran) posted a video complaining about other users “dueting” videos without adding anything interesting to them.” “this 100-year revival of a beloved Surrealist game is a breath of fresh air after hours of doom-scrolling through global atrocities presented at our fingertips.”