And an old Moon Pi

“The Pi itself only runs about five minutes a day. It boots every day at 1:30am. I didn’t want to have to rely on an internet connection, so all data is on the SD card. At boot, a Python script runs that 1) looks up the date on a table, 2) grabs the moon phase and the name of the proper image file from that table, 3) selects a random moon-related quotation from a second file, and 4) assembles and presents all of this on the screen. Then the whole thing shuts down.”—”Custom Moon Calendar with ePaper and Raspi!” Something to look at while you eat an old moon pie from the secret hideaway shelf in your ceremonial makerspace.

Hermetic Library Omnium and an Old Moon Pi 23may2023

See “Moon-Pi. An ePaper moon calendar powered by Raspberry Pi.”

Also “Raspberry Pi Moon Calendar Shows Lunar Cycle With e-Ink Display. When the moon hits your eye like a Raspberry Pi.”